Thursday, March 25, 2010

How it all Started......part 1

I am very open with my sexuality.I have not at any time in my life had an issue with the fact I love cock.I am more of a cock connoisseur and like chocolate lovers want Godiva sliding across there taste buds.I love my cock big and black.

My very first sexual experience at a very young age was a big black man that worked for my grandparents....He Lured me to do naughty things with him.At first it was getting his fingers on my nipples.I can still remember till this day the first time I felt that bolt of energy run though my body as my budding hormones set a fire that would last a life time......

Ben worked for my grandparents.I would say at the time Ben was in his late 30s.He did anything that needed doing around the house and was also kept the yards landscaped at all times.

I was just 13 at the time and I had gotten in some trouble before school was out for the summer.My punishment for the summer was I had to stay at my grandparents every day while my mother worked because they said I could not be trusted to stay home alone.I was caught at school selling the boys peeks of my tits for 5.00.I had made a killing before someone told on me.

Ben was the only one I would see many days.He would laugh and tease me about everything.He called me Missy.My grandmother trying to keep me busy and out of trouble wanted me to help Ben with some renovations he was doing in the upper part of the old Victorian they lived in.I would hand him more nails if he was on the ladder as well as help paint and so forth.

I slipped one day stepping off the ladder and Ben caught me.I felt his strong arms go around me and I felt a hand right between my legs as well as one around my budding tits.I still was unsure if it was on purpose.Ben had been "accidentally" copping feels all week.This was the south and in the early 80s and let me tell you it was still a no no to as much as look at a white girl in that way.

That night my grandfather was working late and Ben was going to drive me home to my mothers house.I did notice that Ben took the long way and it was raining.He pulled the car over and said we was going to wait a few minutes for the rain to slack up before taking me home.It was pouring I could not even see the road.I was a little afraid of the weather summer storms in Georgia can be very violent.Ben patted the seat next to him and I slid right across the vinyl seat of that old Ford.

I was cold and Ben reached into the back seat and got a jacket of his and pulled it up around me.His huge jacket covering me like a blanket and my head against his chest.I felt his hand slide just up my thigh.He told me he would not let anything happen to me and he asked me if I had a boy freind.I told him no and laughed and said I was too mean to have a boyfriend.He told me he liked girls that had a mean streak.

Ben asked me what I had gotten into trouble for at school.I laughed and made him pinkie swear not to tell anyone.He did and I told him I had been selling boys peeks of my boobs for 5.00 and someone told him on.Ben laughed and told me he thought I was selling myself short.He said he would pay at least $20.00 to see that.I have always loved money and the naughty I was when I made it the better.I looked at him and laughed and said SOLD....

He reached into his pants and got his old tattered wallet out and handed me two tens.I smiled and pulled the jacket down and slipped my tee shirt up.I was shocked as I felt his hot warm mouth wrap around my nipple.I was trying to catch my breath.He told me I had the most beautiful nipples he had ever seen on a woman in his life.He just called me a woman.I was wiggling by this point.

The rain was getting harder so I snuggled up tighter against his big body.I felt his hand again on my leg and it was stroking gently just up the inside of my thigh.I could feel my body tingling all over as his other hand was gently caressing my nipple.I had gym shorts on and when his hands went a little higher my legs just opened on there own.I was shocked myself.He whispered in my ear that he wanted to just touch my little pussy.He said he would show me how to make it feel good and then I could do it myself any time I wanted.

My legs spread wider and I felt his thick fingers rubbing my pussy on the outside of my shorts.I was finding it hard to breath.He slid his fingers inside my shorts and he rubbed all around my hairless pussy.He started to just work his finger between my lips.I thought I was going to die right there when he found my clit.He would work it for a while and my little virgin hole wanted him to touch it so bad.

He slipped his finger right on the outside of my opening and let me ride against him.I was soooo wet.I had never had this feelings before in my life and I was in heaven.I felt his finger slide inside pussy.I could feel his cock hard under me inside his pants.......

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